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Saturday, February 2, 2013

what is the best kind of solar phone charger?

Segue to Solar,
Some friends and I are going hiking and I thought I'd take a solar charger to keep my phone batteries charged up. What kind of solar charge would be best to use?

there is the kind that has a battery connected to it, or, you can get the type with just a solar panel. The "plain type" (like photo below), just a solar panel. It only works during the day. You don't need to worry about a battery when the panel is in storage.

solar chargers question

The other type, a solar charger with battery on the back is also pictured The charger may be a little heavier to some, but it will charge things into the night - with the battery all charged up of course. (You can charge the panel through a USB cord... and wall plug or car).

Also, and some people might think of this as a drawback - particularly in the snow states - you need to keep the battery charged up periodically when you are not using the panel (in storage, etc.).

Hikers, campers, solar charger users, Which type do you like?

Link: Segue to Solar - solar chargers

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